The Problem

Keen on saving water but don’t know how?

Read about saving water but don’t know how?


Too often than not we’re told about the importance and limited amount of water we have. But 9 out of 10 times, we’re not told how to save the same very water. Isn’t it surprising how most of us don’t know how to save the one resource that is essential for us to survive?


That’s where JALDOOT comes in handy and so does the website we distribute the right knowledge to the right people. Knowledge and know how that can save you and the world around us litres of water every single day.

Together, we can!

We are a water centric community and social enterprise dedicated towards saving water by all means! and that’s what it stands for: Jal (Water) Doorstep Orientation & Optimisation Technician.

  • You can be a part of us by becoming a JALDOOT.
  • We can help you save water in your household by sending a JALDOOT.

About our community.

Our JALDOOTs are trained well by water management experts to spot any opportunity to save water in the homes, offices and buildings they visit. More importantly, they are also capable of suggesting as well as implementing appropriate solutions! Nothing more, and nothing less.